Al Nawras

$10 Lunch

Includes 1 of the Following. Served with Rice or Fries and Soup or Salad, and 1 Raw Juice

Beef Gallayah

Sauteed with Fresh Vegetable, Herbs, Garlic Sauce, and Oliver Oil

Beef Kabob (1 Skewer)

Marinated in Peanut Butter and Charbroiled


Beef Satuee

Beef Shawarma

Kafta Kabob (2 Skewer Beef or Chicken)

$20 Dinner

Includes 1 Entrée and 2 Raw Juices. All Entrees Served with Rice or Fries and Soup or Salad

Deboned Chicken

Grilled White and Dark Meat Chicken with Garlic Sauce Marinated and Charbroiled

Garlic Almond Rice Gallayah

Choice of Lamb or Chicken. Made Like Our Regular Gallayah, with an Almond and Rice Mix

Chicken Sajji

Thinly Sliced, Marinated, and Seared


Shish Kafta

Choice of Ground Lamb or Chicken. Mixed with Fresh Parsley and Onions, Served with Tahini Sauce

Raw Juices

Al-Nawras Cocktail

Al-Nawras Power


Arnold Palmer


Carrot Juice


Carrot Smoothie


Fruit Smoothie



Milk & Banana (Honey & Ice)


Orange Juice


Potassium Broth


Yogurt (Yogurt, Garlic, Salt)