DRW Rules & Standards

The Dearborn Restaurant Week Rules and Standards have been created in order to assure fairness among all participants involved. If a participant does not follow these rules, they will not be invited to participate in future promotions.

Restaurant Week is not just about a discounted lunch or dinner; it is about creating a dining experience, and in doing so, it is imperative that our participants adhere to the Dearborn Restaurant Week promotion standards that reflect excellence in:
• Level of Service.
• Diversity of Menu.
• Quality of Ingredients.
• Overall Experience.

Requirements of Participating Establishments

• Participating establishments must offer the three-course or equivalent prix-fixe menu for either lunch, dinner or both during the normal operation hours for the selected service, lunch/dinner, for the entire promotional period of seven days.
• Participating establishments must provide a PDF version of their designated Restaurant Week menu to be posted on the official Restaurant Week website.
• Participating establishments must complete the post-promotion survey to provide feedback on the promotion.
• Participating establishments must have a website.
• Participating establishments must submit payment at sign up.

Pricing Guidelines

• Fixed-price 3-course meal for $15-$25-$40, can also offer 2 for 1 on any fixed price meal.
• This variable price point allows participants to price their menus’ accordingly. Menu items do not have to come from the participants regular menu, but should be representative of the participants style of cooking. As an example, participants whose normal fixed price menu is above $40, create a special menu for Restaurant Week for $40.

Participation Fee ($150) and Benefits of Dearborn Restaurant Week

• Listing and profile page on the dearbornrestaurantweek.com website.
• Exposure to thousands of visitors through DRW and social media channels.
• Exposure of event in radio and digital media outlets.
• Opportunity to celebrate food and dining within the Dearborn Community.